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Please take the time to submit your bad contractor experience to Bad Contractor Reviews and your story will be posted within 24 hours with notifications sent to the contractor that his company is featured on our real review site. Please include as much detail as possible including contractor full name and business name, address, city with zip code and what type of service was performed and what the problem is and what you feel other home owners and consumers should know about this bad contractor.

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  • Bad Contractor Reviews Is a consumer based contractor review service with the services of finding Local Roofing contractors specializing new roof replacement and roof repair.
  • Siding and new replacement siding contractors in your local area.

Bad Contractor Reviews has been featured on many media outlets including radio, TV and other contractor review sites. You need to not look at a specific companies website because they have everything on there that they want you to believe. Most home improvement companies don’t have the accreditation’s they list and the BBB is a paid organization as is Angie’s List. Do your homework and look 2 or 3 pages back on Google for the real truth and consumer barometer on if these companies are as good as they say.